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Manhole inspection is all about productivity and detail

With the press of a button, CleverScan performs a rapid, high-res, fully automated manhole inspection. You get a flat scan that captures image detail from every inch of manhole wall, plus a dense point cloud that can be easily merged into any CAD or 3D application.

CleverScan’s compact, lightweight design travels anywhere and deploys in minutes.

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Your 3rd eye below the waterline

Hand held HD-camera + monitor system pinpoints underwater problems from the safety of your deck or the shore - any time - day or night. Marine Vision’s waterproof inspection system is optimized for viewing vessel hulls, thrusters, propeller and other key components, as well as submerged harbor structures.

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For checking and archiving your cleaning job

Our cleancam evaluates the situation in the pipe before making offers or tenders. The cleancam is characterized by it’s easy handling.

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